Hyde Park On Hudson

12A Certificate

1hr 35mins

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Starring: Bill Murray, Laura Linney, Olivia Williams, Samuel West, Olivia Colman

Directed by: Roger Michell

The plot: Daisy, a distant cousin of Franklin D Roosevelt, is unexpectedly summoned to the side of the 32nd president in the hope that she can take his mind off the hoopla surrounding the impending visit by King George VI and his wife Elizabeth. Amid this whirl of activity, Daisy develops a close bond to Franklin and they become lovers. However, she isn't Franklin's only means of distraction and must learn to share the man in power with others in his inner social circle.

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"Disappointing given the talent and situation, dull as ditchwater and historically suspect..."

Time Out

"Somewhat uneven and ultimately underwhelming, but there's plenty to admire and enjoy here nonetheless."

Digital Spy

"The whole endeavour feels like a hastily cobbled together attempt to cash in on the post-Oscars glory of The King's Speech. In the end, it's entirely forgettable."

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