Journey 2: The Mysterious Island: An IMAX 3D Experience

PG Certificate

1hr 34mins

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island: An IMAX 3D Experience Trailer
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Starring: Josh Hutcherson, Dwayne Johnson, Vanessa Hudgens, Michael Caine, Kristin Davis, Luis Guzman

Directed by: Brad Peyton

The plot: Sean Anderson hopes to break a coded distress signal emanating from the South Pacific. His stepfather, Navy vet Hank, breaks the cipher, which confirms the existence of the mysterious island from Jules Verne's 1874 book. Seeing the boy energised, Hank accompanied the lad to New Guinea where they charter a helicopter belonging to wise-cracking pilot Gabato and his sassy daughter, Kailani. The motley crew flies into the eye of a hurricane and is spewed onto the shores of a magical realm.

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