Les Miserables

12A Certificate

2hr 38mins

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Starring: Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne, Helena Bonham Carter, Sacha Baron Cohen, Samantha Barks, Aaron Tveit, Isabelle Allen, Colm Wilkinson

Directed by: Tom Hooper

The plot: Convict Jean Valjean is granted parole and reinvents himself as a revered factory owner in Montreuil-sur-Mer, where one of his workers, Fantine, is cruelly cast out when the foreman learns she has an illegitimate daughter, Cosette. Valjean agrees to raise the child as his own but wily Inspector Javert is on the ex-con's trail, leading to a confrontation on the streets of Paris, where revolutionary fervour sloshes through the gutters.


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Orange movie-goers' reactions

  • " I love it best film ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Go les misarables!!!!!!!!!!!" — jon
  • " Wow that was one of the most amazing. Films that I have ever seen and I love my films espesualy musicals and les mis is goinalthough if you do want to go and see this film soon take your tissues because it is a sad and moveing film. "I cryed all the way" — Hannah, 13, uk
  • " Boring, excruciatingly painful. Every time I thought the film was over someone else would start singing zzz" — jay , 39, Kent
  • " Wow... just wow. Amazing film, strongly recommend it. Very moving, and you'll find yourself singing the songs weeks afterwards!" — Emily, 15, Glasgow
  • " It is a very musical and talented sort if film" — anonymous
  • " Amazing, breath-takingly stirs every emotion both heart-wrenching and uplifting. Would definitely recommend." — Antonia, Plymouth
  • " saw the stage show at the queens theatre in london and now seen the film both excellnet very moving from start to finish wife has even bought the soundtrack " — dave, 57, chester le street
  • " moving and exceptionally brilliant. A film of the year contender already." — richard, 0
  • " Exceptional film, extremely well crafted. It is hard to capture the atmosphere and emotion felt watching a stage show but they have done it here! " — Heidi, 41, Dudley
  • " My mum cried from start to finish... A truly moving film!!!... You must see it" — Jessica Errington, 13, Verwood
  • " absolutely spellbinding. hugh jackman was outstanding and russell crowe was good too.very sad as well. def.go and see it again.absolutely spellbinding.hugh jackman was outstanding. russell crowe was very good too. very sad would def.go and see it again" — Elizabeth , 57, alexandria
  • " absolutely outstanding, going back again" — Caroline, 49, Glenrothes
  • " my mum cry from the start 2 finsh she wants 2 go again outstanding " — Karen, 40, southampton
  • " i hate musicals but this was AMAZING! the acting and singing were superb and i was definitely surprised at the vocals from Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman...10/10 would go and see again. only bad thing was a few unnecessarily sung lines lol" — Odessa, 20, MK
  • " Loved the show, hated the film, far too long depressing as anything. Drove us straight to the pub after, large brandies all round!" — margaret, 34, Wales
  • " amazing film. 10 out of 10" — faye, 24, birmingham
  • " amazing film. brilliant acting. definately would go again to watch it." — adele, 33, Wigan
  • " Absolutely brilliant!! Very moving film you will need tissues! " — Jane, 40, West Midlands
  • " Outstanding perforamce by all especially Jackman. LOVED every moment of this film..just adorded it so much there was a standing ovation at the end by all cinema" — Yvonne Corbett, 48, Aberdeen
  • " We are just about to book our tickets for our second visit to see Les Mis - says it all! Have seen the show twice and the film brings added dimensions. " — Tricia Murphy, 64, Witney
  • " Best musical I have ever seen" — Allan, 72, Burnley
  • " rubbish. good actors who can sing a little. thank god for sacha Cohen in it! Otherwise would have walked out!" — vk, 28, leeds
  • " Les Mis is outstanding" — elvira, bmth
  • " Absolutely loved it. Film awesome. Russell Crowe a bit weak but didn't distract from the other excellent performances. Can't wait to see it again. " — Robbo, 56, Preston
  • " After seeing the show in London 2nd time in the barbican I was disappointed although it was very good on film I think it lost its oomph music wise . " — Les, 60, Medway
  • " Brilliant saw it whilst we were on holiday in Cape Town. Stage play excellent not sure about Russell Crowe" — Taliska, 63, HUDDERSFIELD
  • " Really do not understand the negative reviews on here. If you love musicals then you will love this also. All actors have an amazing voice, the costumes are amazing. I was very surprised to see a lot of men actually enjoying the film. I have not seen this" — globaltrotter, 37, tyne and wear
  • " Fantastic film - brilliant performances by Jackman " — Emma, 35, Taunton
  • " Absolutely amazing!! " — tamara, 19, wadebridge
  • " It was wonderful. I have seen the stage play in both London and Plymouth. It was a little strange seeing Colm Wilson playing the bishop, he was Valjean in the London show. All in all the actors gave it their best. Sasha Barren Coen was good as Thenadier. " — Lisa , 45, Plymouth
  • " Great performance by jackman and even better by Hathaway added to an above average production that I felt was let down by Crowe, who never really suited his role. The film fell into the usual trap when transferring stage to screen and that is the disjoint" — dave, 39, Glasgow
  • " So depressing. We saw the play and loved it. Hated the film, far too long, my partner said he would rather have boiled his head. We were really looking forward to it. A real disappointment. " — mambo
  • " This reminds me of the emperor's new clothes. Lots of reviews saying how marvelous and amazing. NO! It was boring, dull, badly filmed, badly sung, rubbish." — Hugh, 66, Leicester
  • " Emotional, evocative, provative and astounding. A MUST SEE!!" — vanessa, 46, pocklington
  • " Thought it was okay but the young boy sounded as if he'd come straight out of 'Oliver' with his cockney accent - thought it was supposed to be in France." — EILEEN, 65, BARNSLEY
  • " Superb film, great acting and singing by all except Russell Crowe!! Still not to be missed." — Chris, 61, Nottingham
  • " Just watched the film today, felt like I've been put through the wringer, physically " — Wendy, 56, Canterbury
  • " Absolutely fantastic. Its that good I've been to the cinema twice to watch it. I would definitely go again too. Can't wait for the DVD release xx" — Jo-Anne, 31, Nuneaton
  • " The D Bs" — Chris, 64, Liverpool
  • " I found the swooping camera work a bit too much. I was disappointed with some of the singing and did not think the film worthy of Oscar nominations." — patricia, 67, wickford
  • " Enjoyed it very much and the action was brilliant. Shame the showcase is closing down no where to go now our age handy 10 min ride." — Brenda, 70, Curdworth S/cold
  • " Incredible. Nothing else to say." — scarletfox
  • " awesome film didn't see stage version yet but this felt like stage not film special effects everything about it plucked at heart strings recommend to anyone well done all" — sandrat , 68, aviemore
  • " Absolutely loved it!!!! Going to see the stage show with my sis in march!! This made mr even more excited about it!!!! Brilliant! " — kparry, 21, pboro
  • " Brilliant adaptation that did absolute justice to the stage show. Only let down by Russell Crowe's dreadful voice, worse than Piers Brosnan in Mama Mia. A real shame but the film is good enough to carry him. " — Nick, 52, Gloucester
  • " Sad but amazing! The songs were fanatic and sang by brilliant people! Although it was very long, it keeps you gripped all the way through! I really loved it and you will too!! :) :) :)" — Matti :), 12
  • " Russell Crowe singing? I went to see this movie with trepidation. Who would have thought that 48 hours later I am still telling anyone who will listen how stunningly brilliant it was. Best film I've seen in years. " — Jo Pacey, 0, Louth, Lincolnshire
  • " One of the best films ever not to be missed take you tissues though " — liz, 51, liverpool
  • " Most stunning film I've ever seen. I am an actor, and I have NEVER witnessed such amazing acting . The music is out of this world. Everyone deserves Oscars." — mel, bury
  • " not a musical lover but in all honest it is a brilliant film and would definatly go and see it again great story line and strong cast who all including the xtras made this a memorable film " — ray robinson, 57, medway kent
  • " what can you say , stunning is hardly enough, very moving, not to be missed" — alan, 73, Kenilworth
  • " Brilliant a film not to be missed, Music outstanding" — Barry & Dorothy, 70, Merthyr Tydfil
  • " Saw the play, liked it. Saw the Film loved it. Wonderfull music even the actors sang well. You felt you were part of the story. " — P&D, 74, Swindon
  • " amazing film my husband and I enjoyed every minute of it - cried quite a bit - agree with Mel from Southsea you definitely nee your tissues with you " — hebe morgan, 68, bexleyheath
  • " Amazing film, 5 stars. Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe were fab." — pauline , 43, Porth
  • " Brilliant film, Russell Crowe's singing is a bit cheesy at times. Don't forget the tissues." — Gemma, 40, Wirral
  • " Brilliant! really moving! " — Jenny, 27, Halifax
  • " Having seen the stage show 13 times I was wondering how it would compare. I wasn't disappointed. It's absolutely awesome and the acting is out of this world. So intense. A must for all. " — catherine, Preston
  • " What a wonderful film. A completely different experience to the stage show which I have seen twice" — Hilary, bournemouth
  • " oh wow. Never fancied it at the theatre. the film is wonderful. A must see." — Gail Ward, 58, Birmingham
  • " It was so beautiful made great cast very sad at the end." — jason, 40, gravesend
  • " Hope it gets an Oscar. It was wonderful" — Rosieh, 64, Northampton
  • " Les mis is amasing.going again 2 c it.beautifuly done.great acting.10 stars" — Mike, 49, broseley
  • " The only film I have ever seen where the cinema was absolutely packed and everyone stood up and clapped at the end as the credits went up. Fantastic." — Peter, 45, Manchester
  • " i found this the most depressing story that i have ever seen, acting amazing but I would not have gone to see it if i had realized how much it would effect me. " — sue , 64, cheltenham
  • " A fantasic and heartbreaking film, the start mafde me say out loud WOW!. I spent most of the 3hours it was on sobbing my heart out. A must see but take hankies with you! :-) " — Joanne, 23, Glasgow
  • " Good film. However russel crowe not good enough to play javet" — Sara, 34, Cardiff
  • " I've loved the show and music for the last 25 years and the film did not let me down. Very well directed and produced. Extremely good cast and i did cry 4 times but im going to see it again with friends. DO NOT MISS IT. :-)" — Alex, 38, Blackpool
  • " Takes the stage show into the next dimension. Cinematographic excellence with an acting cast who can really sing.Emotionally charged from start to finish." — Colin, 59, Crawley
  • " Superb film. Very emotional scenes loved it :-))" — sian , 29, Northfield
  • " an amazing production - brilliant in every way. heart renching but beautifully portrayed. 5 stars plus." — anne marie, 60, port talbot
  • " Do not miss it - stunning and compelling, superbly done." — sue, 0, cambridge
  • " 3 hanky film" — mel, 45, Southsea
  • " stunning film" — eve

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Time Out

"Tom Hooper gets a bit carried away with swoopy shots, and the close-ups are unrelenting, but crucially he lets the filth and the squalor in."

Sky Movies

"Spectacular to look at and often poignantly beautiful to listen to, this won't disappoint the millions who have sighed at the stage play."


"Rings with all the emotion and power of the source and provides a new model for the movie musical."

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