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1hr 58mins

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Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt, Piper Perabo, Jeff Daniels, Paul Dano, Garret Dillahunt, Tracie Thoms

Directed by: Rian Johnson

The plot: Joe is an assassin or 'looper' in 2044, whose raison d'etre is to gun down hooded targets that have been sent back in time by his mob bosses. Like his fellow loopers, Joe knows his life expectancy is finite and one fateful day, he will "close the loop" by gunning down his future self. When Joe hesitates from his bloody duties and allows Future Joe to escape, the race between hunter and hunted begins in earnest.


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Orange movie-goers' reactions

  • " generic family movie.. if you like science fiction this film is lame, if you dont then its another 4star movie for you " — JONN , 28, LONDON
  • " Loved this movie! I didn't think it was as predictable as people made it out to be though. Although it did lag in some places, it was without a doubt, one of my favourite movies of the year." — louisa, 21, newcastle upon tyne
  • " Dont watch it. Its rubbish! Complete waste." — Sras, 0
  • " RUBBISH FILM. Do not watch it. Starts of good then just gets worse. I usually like most films so believe me when I say this one is bad! Waste of time and money." — Srars, 23
  • " Clever film although I almost got lost along the way! Strong acting roles make this film and the plot does develop very slowly, however there's a feeling of uncertainty throughout. Would recommend if you liked Inception!" — Sara, 23, London
  • " Average film overall, decent in patches but very boring at times, nothing groundbreaking." — Paul, 38, Newquay
  • " Best film I have seen since the avengers ! Must see" — brandon, 15, England
  • " Nice to see Bruce Willis in a different role. The little boy is a show stealer. Predictable but still better than total recall def worth a watch" — emma, 28, Leeds
  • " Suprisingly Satisfying! a well thought out Action meets Sci-fi litttle treasure Bruce Willis back to his old 'Die Hard' self an Overall Good Watch :-)" — gaz, 24, Essex
  • " overhyped alot - this was very poor to the point where i was tempted to walk before the end. " — Liam, 45, Sheffield
  • " Enjoyable film well worth seeing." — Mel, Reading
  • " Don't worry if you miss the first hour all the action and intrigue is in the second hour" — neelie, 56, west London
  • " I'm confused! And so was the rest of the audience! The stunned silence at the end wasn't in awe of a wonderful film it was complete disbelief . " — nick, 43, Cornwall
  • " This film is smart and thoughtful. A beautiful change from gun heavy action films with no discernible plot. " — Amy, 25, Scotland
  • " rubbish rubbish rubbish, if you think this film is all action think again, slow at start, slow in middle and predictable end :-( " — lee, 34, Dudley
  • " Surprisingly enjoyable. Bit silly. But a solid watch. Trailer for this overhyped it. " — Mmt , 26, Hull

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Time Out

"This is a hugely satisfying, enjoyable and thought-provoking piece of work."


"Looper isn't perfect, but it pulls off the full Wizard Of Oz: it has a brain, courage and a heart."


"Johnson hauls us through a cat-and-mouse chase, peppered with great dialogue and two showcase performances from Willis and Gordon-Levitt."

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