15 Certificate

1hr 40mins

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Starring: Jessica Chastain, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Megan Charpentier, Isabelle Nelisse, Daniel Kash

Directed by: Andy Muschietti

The plot: A tracker dog search party locates two girls, who went missing five years earlier and have been living wild in a cabin. Their uncle Lucas is overjoyed that his nieces have been found safe and well. He and rock guitarist girlfriend Annabel agree to provide a loving home to Victoria and Lilly, unaware that a malevolent force known as Mama watches over the girls.

Orange movie-goers' reactions

  • " this film really builds up for 1 hour 30 minutes. Then it lets you down drastically. scary movie 5 did a much better version." — Rhiannon, 17, Leeds
  • " A good film if it's not taken too seriously. Some of the special effects are very good but the movie is light on anything resembling a plot. My client wife and i had a rare day off together and decided to take this on the spur of the moment. " — Mark
  • " Went to see this with my Mum on Orange Wednesday's and was well worth it. Some bits made us jump, some bits made us laugh so well worth it. " — Samantha Banks, 18, south west
  • " It was a scary film but not as scary as I thought it was gonna be :) xx" — Tiffany x, 16, Great Yarmouth
  • " Been to see this film tonight, scary??? nope, I laughed at most of it and found myself looking at my watch wanting it to end, yawn, I love a horror, I guess my quest is still on searching for a good horror" — i love a good horror, 39
  • " Good film ending was abit poor I thort but overall was epic worth using orange weds so me n my fella can watch it " — nicole, 20, norwich
  • " expected it to be a bit scarier tbh! was a good film tho! :) " — Rach, 38, Suffolk
  • " my friends have been to see it and said it was really good and my partner loves films like that so i would like to treat him him to go and see it " — michelle, 37, south sheilds
  • " A bit like the Grudge meets the woman in white left feeling very disapointed and confused the film left so much out the story line was poor and not very scary!!" — SHARON, 35, BOLDON
  • " using my orange Wednesday to see this tomorrow:) and to save my boyfriend some money :) cantt wait !! <3" — Charlie, 16, Basingstoke
  • " because i love horrors" — euan, 10, sheffield
  • " good film shame about the ending" — richard, 39, birmingham
  • " a couple of hours of my life i'll never get back! started off well bit quickly turned into a pile of complete pap!!" — kath, 41, Herefordshire
  • " This looks really good, cant wait to see this in February XOXO :D" — Peyton, 25, Caerphilly

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