Parental Guidance

U Certificate

1hr 45mins

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Starring: Billy Crystal, Bette Midler, Marisa Tomei, Tom Everett Scott, Bailee Madison, Joshua Rush, Kyle Harrison Breitkopf, Madison Lintz

Directed by: Andy Fickman

The plot: Artie Decker and his wife Diane agree to babysit their three grandchildren to allow their married daughter Alice to leave home for a few days for her work. It soon becomes clear that Artie and Diane do not know how to relate to Harper, Turner and Barker and their 21st century fads. In desperation, Artie resorts to old-fashioned parenting techniques to give the kids the support they need, but his heartfelt efforts don't always reap the intended rewards.

Orange movie-goers' reactions

  • " its a gr8 film its really funny id like to watch it AGAIN!!!!!!!!!" — kian
  • " I think this film was not that funny. as it was school holidays we couldn't enjoy the film as there were kids running everywhere and being disruptive to the experience. I woulf only rate this a 3 out of 10" — Anya, 19, Liverpool

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Time Out

The latest in a long run of 2012 films to confront the indignities of ageing, this one is arguably, if not intentionally, the most harrowing.


Dim the star wattage, and there's precious little to distinguish this from the average Hallmark Channel movie.

The Hollywood Reporter

There?s something touching about how hard Billy Crystal and Bette Midler hustle to peddle the threadbare material that makes Parental Guidance a perfectly tolerable, if uninspired, moviegoing experience.

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