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Starring: Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Guy Pearce, Logan Marshall-Green, Sean Harris, Benedict Wong, Rafe Spall, Kate Dickie

Directed by: Ridley Scott

The plot: In 2089, astrophysicist Dr Elizabeth Shaw and her partner Charlie Holloway unearth an ancient cave painting that confirms the existence of an extra-terrestrial race known as the Engineers. Wealthy industrialist Peter Weyland finances a voyage to the alien home planet where ballsy company executive Meredith Vickers and her crew are woefully unprepared for the horrors that await them.


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Orange movie-goers' reactions

  • " 7/10 cool film although would of liked to see more at the end!" — Louise, 22, Leeds
  • " The special effects beat all other movies hand down! The acting was superb to!" — Justin Francis, 41, Taunton
  • " good, but not great. its good for a sci-fi fix but dont go in thinking its an alien movie , its not even if it is a pequel." — ed, 35, stowmarket
  • " Absolutely lived it!!!!! I'm a huge Alien fan and thought the cast and plot was great!!!! Can't wait for more!" — Darren, 38, Gravesend
  • " Visually stunning, but lacking in every other aspect. Terrible characters, predictable plot and lacking any real attention holding content. Even fans of Ridley Scott may feel let down by this. " — Ed, 27, Birmingham, Uk
  • " Sucked. End of." — Sarah, 27, Norwich
  • " Fantastic film for anybody who's ever seen Alien. This film shows the alien race that the crew of the Nostromo discovered at the start of Alien, and how the Alien evolved, from black goo to the creature we know and love! Brilliant film!!!" — Graeme, 41, Dudley
  • " awsome film, anyone who hates this film is misunderstood or not their sort of film. its a pequel to the alien franchise. i loved it and so did my partner. " — emma, 20, yeovil
  • " can't understand all the critisism! this is a great sci-fi, visually stunning, and when has Ridley Scott ever made a bad film? " — paul, peterborough
  • " Really? I expected so much more from Ridley Scott. waited 1hr 55 minutes for something to happen and when it did I wished it hadn't. inconsistent with original plot and poor ending. when the audience laugh in a film like this you sort of know they got it " — Paul, 40, Southampton
  • " Excited to see this film but felt dissappointment after. no structure. bad accting and no questions answered. give it a 6 out of 10." — Joe, 20, harrogate
  • " Visually stunning, raised far more questions than it answered; clearly in prepare for follow up mode. Ultimately though although the cast worked hard the characters failed, for me, to engage. " — Roy, 45
  • " its a good film to watch if there is nothing else to see but DONT see it in 3d as its a total waste of money." — emzy, 41, devon
  • " ..confusing...visually superb....but no "wow" factor!" — William, 0, Worthing
  • " Mixture of "Moon" " — Nick, 21, Bournemouth, UK
  • " amazing film, Santa appearing in it was a real treat." — big gee, 78, the moon
  • " Load of RUBBISH" — rizwan, 20, Birmingham
  • " In a word disapointing. All of the action is confined to the last 15 mins with the rest of the film being filler and there is little feeling of suspence or menace throughout. The film is only saved from being a complete waste of time by some of the perfor" — Karl, 34, Worksop
  • " thought this was a very good film, not an Alien film as such, but still very good." — Trev, 49, Stoke on Trent
  • " Absolute rubbish. Really poor scriptwriting, and loose inconsequential subplots. Disappointing!" — Lu, 27
  • " 3d waste of time. no dark grainy atmosphere like alien. bad effects 4 me with some scenes. not scary, overhyped. story ok though." — Scotty, 44, Oldham
  • " Bloody awful spent nearly all the film waiting for the action and there hardly was any too much hype" — jenny, 27, walsall
  • " I didn't think much of it is a good film but not the best...." — jon
  • " This is mainly hype. I would have been better off watching any other film. Predictable. Boring and has taken various elements from other movies but not the good parts/points/elements" — lonfit , 38, London
  • " load of rubbish" — JULIE, 42, stoke on trent
  • " it's an amazing film!!! best film of the year yet!!!" — Jake , 15
  • " A prequel to Alien & more obviously so than some people, including Ridley Scott, are saying so. In fact this is made clear quite early in the film and not confined to the last 7 minutes or so. On the whole the film is good" — Leo, 55, Tadworth
  • " its a good film. but if your looking for an answer like i was. you dont get it. there are alot of faults with the ending" — tom, manchester

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Time Out

"There's no denying that Prometheus will make for a perfectly entertaining night at the movies -- but we were promised so much more."


"Buffeted by a lack of suspense, threadbare characters, and a very poor script, the stunning visuals, gloopy madness, and sterling Fassbenderiness can't prevent Prometheus feeling like Alien's poor relation."


"Ridley Scott has counter-evolved his 1979 classic Alien into something more grandiose, more elaborate - but less interesting."

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