Silver Linings Playbook

15 Certificate

2hr 02mins

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Starring: Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Jacki Weaver, Chris Tucker, Anupam Kher

Directed by: David O Russell

The plot: School teacher Pat Solitano returns home to discover his wife in the shower with another man. He snaps, batters his rival to a bloody pulp and is sent to a psychiatric facility for eight months as part of his plea bargain with the courts. He emerges a much calmer man returns home to live with his parents. They are understandably concerned when Pat forges an unlikely friendship with crazy local girl, Tiffany, who needs a partner for an amateur dance competition.


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Orange movie-goers' reactions

  • " Great cast and excellent acting. A film that makes you aware of mental illness. Refreshing." — Emily, 26, Burnley
  • " A thoroughly enjoyable movie. Can't find any faults with it. Definetly recommend. " — ingychook, 45, Cardiff
  • " As someone suffering from mental illness myself this film gave me something to relate to and I was able to laugh and cry all the way through. Absolutely stunning acting. It's great that Hollywood are raising awareness of mental illness. " — Laura, 23, Oxford
  • " A rom com for the head not the heart!! Lol " — Mikey, 34, Cov

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"Jennifer Lawrence is the standout in a tonally uneven, eccentric romantic dramedy that fuses The Fisher King with Romy And Michele?s High School Reunion."

Time Out

"The acting is sparky and intelligent,?with Cooper proving there's more to him than flashy good looks. As for Lawrence, she acts every role like there's a soulful storm raging inside of her."


"Though The Silver Linings Playbook rarely reveals any tactics we've not seen before, we?re willing it towards a win all the same."

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