15 Certificate

1hr 49mins

Sinister Trailer
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Starring: Ethan Hawke, Juliet Rylance, James Ransone, Clare Foley, Vincent D'Onofrio, Fred Dalton Thompson, Michael Hall D'Addario

Directed by: Scott Derrickson

The plot: True crime novelist Ellison moves house with his wife Tracy and children Ashley and Trevor to a property where the previous owners came to an unfortunate end: four members of the ill-fated family were murdered and the only survivor, a girl, disappeared without trace from the crime scene. Ellison intends to use this grisly history as the basis for a new book and he relishes the chance to sift through Super 8 footage recovered from the attic, hoping to stumble upon clues to what really happened.


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Orange movie-goers' reactions

  • " Quite dissapointing. The film seems to lack pace and has a sharp ending. Several jump out of your seat moments. " — movie goer, 25, Manchester
  • " Great jump out of your skin horror. Graphic scenes mixed with creepy noises . Good film." — Andy, West Midlands
  • " Several jump out of your seat moments. Holds true to the let's walk round in the dark to find the scary noise genre but enjoyable and would recommend / watch again. First time I have heard someone fully scream out in the audience!! " — caz, 37, wirral
  • " I thought this film was most disappointing. A sound idea but it chugs along and never gets going. Far from scary and easily forgotten." — Andy , 40, South London
  • " cinematically clever on the way they make it scary and frightening. really great film edits and special effects." — george norte, 31, seaford east sussex uk
  • " thought this film was more of a comedy than a horror wasn't impressed " — Ellie, 19, Midlands
  • " This film is seriously messed up, scary as well" — Peyton, 25, Caerphilly
  • " Went to watch this today and can guarantee I won't be sleeping for at least 3 nights. " — Penny, Merseyside
  • " I've seen scary movies but this takes to far. I dont whats worser this or the human centipede" — mike, 21, canada
  • " this is real bad never seen so many people get up and walk out off a film within the first ten minutes neva seen a film so bad " — samantha, 19, middlesbrough
  • " Keep seeing the trailer for this on tv, looks good and scary, my type of film" — Peyton, 25, Caerphilly

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Time Out

"This so-so, occasionally effective horror film combines found-footage creepiness and haunted-house scares - but is stronger on mood than story."


"Derrickson bounces back from his insipid redo of The Day The Earth Stood Still with an effective chiller that's got a skeleton or two in its closet."

Total Film

"An enjoyable, if boilerplate, boo-flick that maintains an enviable rate of scares per minute by throwing everything - demons, ghosts, snakes, loud noises - at the screen."

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