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2hr 23mins

Skyfall Trailer
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Starring: Daniel Craig, Dame Judi Dench, Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw, Albert Finney, Berenice Marlohe, Ola Rapace, Helen McCrory, Rory Kinnear

Directed by: Sam Mendes

The plot: James Bond is reportedly killed in action during a mission in Turkey and his boss, M, writes an obituary with a heavy heart. She loses a list of MI6 assets, compromising undercover agents around the world. This dereliction of duty puts M in the firing line. News filters through that Bond isn't dead at all and M engages him to track down the menacing cyber terrorist Raoul Silva. Working alongside Q and a junior agent called Eve, Bond traverses the globe in search of Silva and unearths dark secrets from M's past.


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Orange movie-goers' reactions

  • " Its a great movie want watch again" — robin, 27, london
  • " Omg perfict film me and my nan loved it 10/10" — Jason o'connor, 13, Hoddesdon
  • " Wow amazing best bond film ever seen different to all the others amazing" — jacob howell , 22, Manchester
  • " The best Bond film ever!!! I'm seeing it twice! " — Jessica , 16
  • " I love Bond." — Balbinder, 44, West Bromwich
  • " What a film best bond there's ever been " — dcook, 29, manc
  • " By far, the best film I have seen to date. Full of action and suspense. Highly recommended. 10/10 without a doubt. " — Kirsty, 22, Edinburgh
  • " Bring around Bond back from the 1st film with amusing links of pure enjoyment." — Terry, 51
  • " I can say with all honesty this is by far the the Best James Bond Movie ever. this Bond could never be better'd. and I have seen them all." — Brian McDonald, 74, rochdale
  • " Enjoyed the film in Spainish on the big screen only 12 persons in the Cinema to see the film.Brilliant film & good sound & action & unexpected ending Hugh Evans" — Hugh , 69, Bilbao Spain
  • " Best Bond film yet. Stylish, sexy, funny but also dark and quite thoughtful. Highly recommended- Cracking film!" — Rach, 28, Newcastle
  • " No, didn't do it for me. Wasn't a proper Bond film. Where was the 'saving the world' bit? Plot too small and v v predictable ending. A good action film but Bond it ain't!" — jill
  • " Brilliant story. Abit more darker than the other bonds. I truely believe Daniel Craig us the best Bond. I liked how they put in his child hood. 10/10 " — ricky mowatt, 43, birmingham
  • " Best james bond villain yet. amazing show. a must see. the new q is brilliant also" — Clive, 23, Coleraine N.I
  • " absolutely loved it, highly recommend to others!the best bond film with Daniel Craig in yet!!" — Nick, 15, Worksop
  • " My first 007 film I've watched from start to finish and I love the new gun barrel scene. " — Ang.B, 13, Elgin
  • " Best Bond film by far and a must see " — Wayne, 46, Kenilworth
  • " the very best yet keeps u on your toes to the end, and well made" — alan, 73, Kenilworth
  • " Since Moore Connery and Pierce Bronsan Mr Bond has gone facilay down to a short little guy who looks like an ugly gangster. The context was boring too. Bye JB" — Glen, 84, Bromley
  • " Really, really good film - stunts were terrific and a good story line - even an evil "Baddy" to complete the picture." — Elizabeth, 67, Harrogate
  • " great bond yet, I absolutely love James bond films but that was the best one yet " — Georgia , 14, Manchester
  • " Perfection.... Sheer Perfection! Possibly the best yet." — Adam, 21, London
  • " Best bond film yet. Sets a high standard for any future films. " — Pete, 50, Essex
  • " Great film and still has the best stunts in my opinion with a touch of class." — iang
  • " Don't listen to the negative rubbish some people have written about this film. This is how Ian Fleming would have wanted it done, three great films from the franchise, this the best because of the story line, and sets the scene perfectly for the following" — George, 42, Glasgow
  • " A disappointment - beautifully photographed but far too long, plot line thin, 'villain' tedious , saw best bits in the trailer. I was not 'shaken or stirred' " — Mary, 66, Wirral
  • " It's good" — william , 12, weymouth
  • " As with some other franchises this movie presses the reset button and re imagines the world of Bond to some extent. So, we get a rather different Bond here , and he is one you want to check out. With a salute to the past and a look to the future., it work" — Pete, 44, Darlington
  • " 00 heaven! Bondtastic movie......" — Richard, 42, OSSETT
  • " the bond films are legendary for there witty womanising and chessy chat up lines. the new bond films are to serious why keep changing who bond is? its stupid this film is good but it can never be as good as the originals. " — nicole, 18, lancashire
  • " Loved it !! Almost as good as the first one xx " — elerain, London
  • " brilliant film one of the best james bond movies there is" — mika jolley, 14, northampton
  • " Great film, would watch it again. Best bond to date. Good back story, and nice to see Q and moneypenny are back. Can't wait for the next one." — anorle, 43, Leicester
  • " What a brilliant action packed film from start to end... not the outcome we expected... but, this is certainly a must see and we would say the best Bond movie to date..." — Gemma & Wayne, 30, St Austell
  • " Bond action's so good." — Khan shah, 17, Caterham
  • " amazing film a must see ++++++" — melanie, 40, bristol
  • " Absolutely brilliant! The best Bond yet!" — Ann, 49
  • " Dis was realli good! Omg guyz, ya must goo see it now, you propa wnt regret it! It's defo worth da queuing! Daniel Craig is propa fit in it as well, idc if he's old enough to be me dad. ;) xoxox" — ST3PH
  • " Got to say this was a major let down. over hyped way too much." — Sam, 34, bradford
  • " Bond is back at his best a must see film " — Gary, Livingston
  • " What an amazing film, highly recommend!!!!!!!!!!" — kiera
  • " This film is the best bond film yet! It makes the others seem so unnecessary it tells such a great story , there's so much action it's amazing Also daniel looks so sexy for the whole of it hes an amazing actor and nobody could have done it better i think" — hannah, 14, Kenley surrey
  • " unlike someone here, I don't care what his hair colour is, Daniel Craig makes a brilliant James Bond. skyfall was amazing. it was smart, funny and action packed. would recommend to anyone even those who wouldn't normally watch Bond. " — sarah, 22
  • " Well made but overall, disappointing. I've seen SOO much hype lately. Personally I wouldn't recommend it unless you've nothing better to do!" — Marshall, 68, Hastings
  • " A great movie. After a disappointing sequel Daniel Craig is back. Terrier tough and realistically rough edged. A great James Bond. Great action but the baddie was too small. Not a patch on say, Blowfelt.. but a brilliant actor nonetheless. " — Garry, 54, Skelmersdale
  • " Daniel Craig is not too wooden in this one and finally brings a little humour that has been lacking over the last few years. However, I would put this Bond film up with the best of them. The story takes a different direction to any other in a good way" — Mikey, 49, Sutton Coldfield
  • " Very good, some bits were predictable, but overall a very good film!" — Jake, 13, Wednesfield
  • " An excellent film, full of references to previous Bond films, great action, very good story. This was a film that HAD to be made. But, not a traditional Bond film, it's a great movie that has Bond as the main character. See it and love it and you will see" — Lee, 37, Barnsley
  • " Best bond film in years love it"""""""" — Denise, 54, Birmingham
  • " An enjoyable film but I don't think it lives up to all the hype and certainly not a typical Bond type film. " — Lisa, 38, Swansea
  • " Easily best Bond film ever !!!" — cuong, 43, Leeds
  • " Wow! This is such a good film, definitely the best bond film made. Great characters, plot and actors. Daniel Craig is simply brilliant. :) " — India Maddison, 17, Suffolk
  • " brilliant and Yes lives up to all the the chemistry between Daniel and Judy...can't say anything more without spoiling the plot " — nigeo2802, 44, willenhall
  • " I thought the film overall was good but ---- where were all the gadgets, I don't care about q branch intelligence. I wanted gadgets. Craig once again an excellent bond." — jay, 36, Nottingham
  • " i enjoyed the film from beginnig to end . Can't wait for the next one" — sue, 64, cheltenham
  • " Loved this film, although not too keen on the baddie, preferred Javier in No Country. Never went to see the others at the cinema but love Daniel as Bond." — Pat, 64, Derby
  • " I had fun watching it" — Nancy, 14, Norwich
  • " Very long, boring and lakes traditional thrill, heated passion and advetures of "BOND", though couple of jokes seems copied from jonny english. Worst Bond movie, i have ever watched. Not recommended!" — Muhammad, 35, Manchester
  • " Potentially the best Bond movie ever. One certainty is that Javier Bardem has pulled off the best Bond villain performance of all time." — Chris, 28, Peterborough
  • " The best bond yet, plenty of action, and an awesome bond baddie. On the downside, didn't see enough of the bond girls and the film is slightly too long" — Johnson, 28, London
  • " Exellent film well worth watching but Daniel don't look like Bond mainly cause Bond has dark hair not blond & he should spend more time in the Gym." — Carwyn, 26, Rhondda
  • " Bond with much more character development. Slowed a little to the end. Not sure about the ageing references, but well worth watching." — Martin, 49, Slough
  • " Good action film but it's not a 'Bond' film. No saving the world. No power hungry mega villain. Lame plot. Very predictable. Precious little humour. Stereotyped roles. Action scenes still trying to emulate the Bourne formula. " — kate, dudley
  • " Overall disappointing. Not a bad movie but a number of slow, check your watch moments not helped by a dull and predictable script , make this an average affair. How on earth the so called experts have raved about it beggars belief." — caderman
  • " Fab fab fab Daniel Craig at his v best !" — ana
  • " brilliant, brave and not stereotyped bond. great film. go see it....NOW!!!" — fletch
  • " Not a Bond film no 'spying' just another revenge story, just a reverse revenge story of quantum of solace. This film has a pantomime villian 3/5 " — Rob the reviewer, 39, Colchester
  • " A bit slow. Not the usual action packed thrills that one has become accustomed to. 1st Floor" — ingychook, 48, Cardiff
  • " I will go to see that film ok" — Senga, 52, Bedford
  • " Wonder what age rating it will get?" — Niall, 19
  • " Its good 2 See Naomie Harris as 1 of the main stars of a film she's really fit and strong looks like she can handle the action just what a 007 film needs." — Carwyn, 26, Rhondda,Wales
  • " Skyfall looks exellent and Daniel Craig must be 1 of the best Bond's and Niome Harris is goin 2 be a really good Bond girl." — Carwyn, 26, Wales
  • " Really looking forward to this, been waiting ages for a new bond movie :) hopefully as good as the previous two with daniel craig xx" — Connor, 16, Bovington

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"Pretty much all you could want from a 21st Century Bond: cool but not camp, respectful of tradition but up to the moment, serious in its thrills and relatively complex in its characters but with the sense of fun that hasn't always been evident lately."


"Putting the 'intelligence' in MI6, Skyfall reps a smart, savvy and incredibly satisfying addition to the 007 oeuvre."

Total Film

"The Daniel Craig era comes of age with a ballsy Bond that takes brave chances and bold risks. Guess what? Turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks."

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