StreetDance 2 3D

PG Certificate

1hr 25mins

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Starring: Falk Hentschel, Sofia Boutella, George Sampson, Tom Conti, Stephanie Nguyen

Directed by: Max Giwa, Dania Pasquini

The plot: Talented street dancer Ash seizes his one shot at glory during a high-profile competition but falls flat on his face in front of a booing crowd. Dusting himself off, he joins forces with wise-cracking Eddie to create a crew from around the world. The young men criss-cross across Europe, seeking out the most imaginative, daring and supple performers to fill the ranks of their ramshackle squad, ending up in Paris where Latin dancer Eva catches Ash's eye.

Orange movie-goers' reactions

  • " it was the best movie ever! i loved it so much and i love you george sampson!;-)'xo" — Alyshia, 11, blackpool
  • " amazing film never seen such a good film in ages i would say go watch it" — will, 16, telford
  • " Honestly the best movie ever!! Some people may say it's a musical. But it is, with a twist.... Follows a solid track of story! And with James Parsons from the big bang theory!! I could not stop laughing!!! " — Movie buff 55, 0
  • " Street Dance 2 is just as great as the first! People may say if you have seen 1 you have seen them all. But not this! I was a,true believer in the first and I am in the second! Bring on number 3" — Movie buff 55, 0
  • " AMAZING FILM" — SHERLOCK, 16, London
  • " I love street dancing because me and my friend howell do street dancing at school in front of 345 children for talent " — Jahvarny, 10, London

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Time Out

"Boutella shows promise beyond her day job as one of Madonna's dancers but otherwise speaking parts are sensibly limited to those who can act."


"Shoddy 3D and flashy editing distract from the admittedly great dancing, but little else offers a particular reason to watch it."

Total Film

"The homegrown appeal of StreetDance gets lost in a sequel with one foot across the pond, the other over the channel."

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