The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

12A Certificate

2hr 03mins

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Starring: Dame Judi Dench, Dame Maggie Smith, Tom Wilkinson, Bill Nighy, Penelope Wilton, Celia Imrie, Ronald Pickup, Dev Patel, Lillete Dubey, Tena Desae, Ramona Marquez, Liza Tarbuck

Directed by: John Madden

The plot: Evelyn has recently lost her husband and is coming to terms with solitude in her twilight years. Determined to start anew, she abandons Britain for the balmier climes of Jaipur and a grand retirement home called The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. En route, Evelyn meets six other retirees all bound for this luxury development. When the exhausted travellers arrive at their destination, they discover a building in disrepair.


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Orange movie-goers' reactions

  • " I thoroughly enjoyed this film, it was so true to life, funny but I fully understood and felt all the emotions of the story line, maybe as I was of a similar age!" — migmag, 72, Wrexham
  • " This is sexy " — John, 19, London
  • " I love films like that because i am idian myself so find the nearest cinema and watch it." — Daljeet, 11
  • " Great film, cast if brilliant actors. Definitely recommend to all who haven't seen it yet." — Thomas, 21
  • " A wonderful film. You laugh and cry in equal amounts but the cream of our acting crop once again delight the senses with high calibre performances" — Andrew, London
  • " Great flick... you leave the cinema with a lovely warm feeling... just what you would expect from a team of actors such as these... Dame Maggie was brilliant!!!" — Paul and Paula, 40, Darwen
  • " Just come back from the movie, I loved it. Watching the movie is so heart warming and breaking at the same time one never knows which is which. Is life at an end when love is lost, or does it just start afresh? " — Daniel, 24
  • " Brilliant film, best one I have seen in a while, with a great cast! " — Roo
  • " brill movie, great actors, beautiful colours" — Catherine, 47, Wolverhampton
  • " Worth seeing. Choosing to relocate to India tests their strengths. If you embrace others & their life perspective, life opens to all and we can flourish. " — Catrina, 58, Sydney
  • " Some great scenes, one-liners, dramatic themes and moving moments. Too much corny writing inbetween The actors could have written it better themselves." — Reg Oliver, 50, Sydney
  • " A heart-warming and thoroughly enjoyable film, with laughs and heart-ache throughout. Brilliant casting and stunning viewing." — Georgina , 27, London
  • " A wonderfully optimistic British film! (and I'm not part of the grey pound)" — jodie, 24, cambridge
  • " Went with a friend - we both loved it - wonderful cast - so colourful to watch - amusing and touches of pathos - the happy ending was a little contrived - but.." — Carol, 70, Isle of Wight
  • " there was actiin from the set off on this film. non stop twists and turns that im normally hot on apotting evaded me in this one!! I loved the quirky story line qnd with the cast in this film it never failed to keep me entertained. Ive already recommended" — Lorna, 29, Swansea
  • " I was blown away by this film, a real masterpiece: very funny, very thought provoking and reviews on the web prove that critics dont have a clue. 97/100" — Adam, 22, Macclesfield
  • " Omg LOOKS funny and heart warming got the hole package xxxx" — keira , 12, dartford
  • " Funny, moving, poignant & totally delightful. Jaipur - stunning." — Ted , 63, Plymouth
  • " Thoroughly enjoyable" — pc
  • " It's not a good film it's not funny and I would not ever watch this again" — Ozzie, 14, cornwall
  • " great film really enjoyed would go and see again" — NannyJ, 60, Littlehampton
  • " This was a great film with some very funny moments. True, it isn't going to change the word but does that matter! A great cast and some wonderful scenery of India. Well worth seeing." — David, 41, Cardiff
  • " Not impressed with the movie. Gr8 story line and great actors but somewhere there is no reality with what they are producing now. Far 4m reality what is India now" — freddy, 31, manchester
  • " First movie on second day of retirement and enjoyed every minute. I'd go see it twice AND I'm going to see Kenny Garrett tonight. Life is good. xxx" — phoenix, 65, aberdeen
  • " Just loved this film, felt like a bygone time we had entered into with a modern twist. Beautifully filmed with magical sets and moments. You should go and see this film. Highly recommended" — siegfried, 60, crewe
  • " I shall ask my friend to go again excellent film" — hardy, 61
  • " Excellent movie, well acted. I chuckled throughout the film. Only criticismm was the stereotypical Indian portrayals. Dev Patel was great." — Ian, Manchester
  • " Really great film. Gentle pace " — ingychook, 45, Cardiff
  • " Loved this film - maybe it is because I am approaching/in the age group of the senior cast but it made me feel thst new doors can open even as others close." — John, 64, Stourbridge
  • " Great film, feel good factor " — Terry, 45, Exeter
  • " great film, couldn't be bad with all the best of british actors in it." — val hardy, 61, newark
  • " First class film, well acted, would go & see it again." — George, 70, Newcastle upon tyne
  • " Very funny but sad in places, makes you realise you have a lot to be thankfull for. Would recommend to anyone." — buntz, derbyshire
  • " Well worth watching, brilliant cast and really good film. " — alan, london
  • " it is a great pleasure to see such a wonderful cast together"
  • " A very enjoyable film if you are second half of your life. Certainly helped by good erformances from a lot of recognisable stars!" — Ken P, 62, uk
  • " Just enjoyed a thoroughly entertaining couple of hours in a full cinema with like minded audience. It was funny, touching and respectful without any dumbing down or insincerity. The piece was full of heart and struck a very encouraging note. " — Maria, 63, lLetchworth
  • " Thought it was a super film, thought provoking." — Suzanne, 67, Bristol
  • " Excellent script & acting, British Film at its best funny and moving at the same time where were the oscar nominations for best supporting actors in this cast." — Dave604, 68, ATHERTON
  • " Luks funny" — Victoria vega, 18, California
  • " Funny but works on many other levels. makes you think about life, love and where you want to be as you grow older. Fantastic really "English" film. " — weevil, suffolk

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Total Film

"The pleasure of seeing a supergroup of Brit-veterans soon withers in an OAP comedy that plumps for light laughs over deeper insights."


"Charming, delightful and amusing - just what you'd expect from the star-studded cast of veterans."

Time Out

"They might have just got away with it as a Sunday night mini-series but from a cinematic perspective, this trip shouldn't have been embarked upon."

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