The Devil Inside

15 Certificate

1hr 23mins

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Starring: Fernanda Andrade, Simon Quarterman, Evan Helmuth, Suzan Crowley, Ionut Grama

Directed by: William Brent Bell

The plot: Maria Rossi telephones emergency services to confess to killing three people during an exorcism. She is spirited away to Rome where she languishes in a psychiatric hospital, far from the prying eyes of the media. Twenty years later, Maria's daughter Isabella makes a documentary about exorcisms to better understand the dark forces that supposedly took hold of her mother, aided by priests Ben and David.

Orange movie-goers' reactions

  • " fink i wil give it a miss am really dissapointed n scary films lately nt had that fear that a love wen watchn one!" — sarah jane, 25, Wishaw
  • " Good film, I thought the rape was too far." — James
  • " It was that bad, I couldn't even stay until the end of the film!! " — Jo, 40, Portsmouth
  • " Awful" — Anthony
  • " I agree what a pile of dog poo" — Stacey, 24, Sunderland
  • " Don't waste your money." — bob
  • " it was a okay film rubbish ending " — grace , 15, cardiff
  • " This started off as a good film and I thought it would be quite scary, but it turned out to be neither! don't watch it!" — Thomas, 18, Keighley
  • " Its a load of rubbish, worst ending ever!! All the best bits in the film are on the adverts anyway , if you want to go to the cinema to have a food time DONT WATCH THIS FILM!!!" — billie, 15, scunthorpe
  • " Some body please give me an that hour of my life back.. Can't believe i seriously wasted my precious time watching the Devil Inside!!!" — Shaifa , 27, Birmingham
  • " What a load of s**t!' 2words-Blair witch!! Terrible ending!! To be honest the full movie was more then terrible!!!" — kate , 27, hull
  • " Glad I used an orange Wednesday code as only wasted half of my money on this poor movie." — Dave, 26, Wakefield
  • " no not waste your time, it is a bad movie !" — Mark, 22, Barnham
  • " started well, really bad ending, felt like I walked out half way through the film, walked away feeling cheated." — Carly, 30, Dagenham
  • " pile of crap" — alex, 16, manchester
  • " unsettling at times! shame about the ending..." — Jaynie
  • " bad movie. good thinking for story but explained bad with a very bad ending dont waste ur money..." — craig, 24, newcastle
  • " scariest bit was when dog barked behind a metal garden fence !, fell asleep, 2 other scary bits but mainly boring, give it a wide berth and a rubbish ending too" — glenn, 51, nuneaton
  • " what a waste of money, feel like I have been robbed. never seen such a bad film in my life" — rob, 21, nottingham
  • " amazing film shocking great thrills original horror" — daren, 16, burnley
  • " i Thought it was amazing :D but the ending was a bit poo :/" — Charlotte, 17
  • " Absolutely terrible film. " — Debs, Glasgow
  • " paranormal activity crossed with clover field but not as good ! it was worse than the happening all the best bits were on the trailer, couple of jumps but its not scary at all disappointed really give me back an hour of my life " — Laura, 25
  • " Really dont bother watching this. Overrated piece of manure." — Abdul, 29, England
  • " I sooo want to see that its looks so scary but thats what i like to see in a horror movie xxx" — Courtney, 998, Lincoln
  • " I think it looks scerey" — Victoria, 17, Dover

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"Some found footage should really just stay lost."

Total Film

"A low-budget, low-watt belly botherer saved from history's dustbin by a few gruesome moments and a gob-smack of an ending that (almost) makes it worth the slog."

Times of India

"The movie does create an atmosphere of uneasiness though. But overall it fails to engage."

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