The Impossible

12A Certificate

1hr 54mins

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Starring: Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts, Tom Holland, Geraldine Chaplin, Ploy Jindachote, Marta Etura, Oaklee Pendergast, Samuel Joslin

Directed by: Juan Antonio Bayona

The plot: Henry and Maria arrive in the tropical paradise of Thailand with their three sons, Lucas, Thomas and Simon. Flocks of terrified birds take to the skies, heralding a wall of water that careens through the complex. Maria and Lucas are carried away by the surge. Meanwhile, Henry is forced to leave his two youngest boys in the care of strangers in order to learn the fate of his wife and eldest child.


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Orange movie-goers' reactions

  • " This film is so sad!! The first time I saw it I cried my eyes up the hole way through!! Then I watched it again and cried but not as much!! I think it is brilliant how they do the tsunami and all the special effects!! It is fantastic!! " — Cry, 13, uk
  • " i saw this film with my family and it was so sad and moving but exciting at the same time i loved it!" — holly
  • " A really good film with amazing acting and an emotional ending. understated and thoroughly real. The special effects were particularly excellent. Recommended. " — Garry, 54, Skelmersdale
  • " I cried wen I watched this film A film with pain drama n emotions " — Farahrii, 22, liverpool
  • " A very talented actor and a flawless depiction on terrorism and it's impacts" — Sam, 37, Cambridge
  • " was watching with tears rolling down my cheeks and l hadnt realised l was crying. great film" — sue hills, 50, portsmouth
  • " Captures what must have been a horrific life changing event. You find yourself routing for the characters and wanting the story to turn out positively. " — dave , 39, glasgow
  • " To think a family went threw that and survived! A truly emotional and awe inspiring film which truly left me and my sister emotional wrecks! " — Shelley b, 42, Hereford
  • " this film is very well done and captures the whole epic encounter if what i can only imagine must have been like a living nightmare; i can only hold that poor family in the highest of esteem for their strength snd courage..may god bless them forever..." — joan, 56
  • " Great film, acting is excellent and the story is mind blowing. " — ben, 36, midlands
  • " Fantastic Film " — B A Younger
  • " It is the most amazing film I have ever seen in my entire life " — Sana
  • " An amazing film... Such an intense and emotional film.. Iv ever watched! Even made me cry.. with so much depth I loved it yet was traumatised " — naj, 25, tipton
  • " The best film I have seen in a ver long time, fantastic acting, emotional and yet so realistic" — Tiago, 28, Manchester
  • " It is a verry good film" — kyle hickman, 14, united kingdom
  • " made me cry,well acted out " — twlight, 19, walsall
  • " Truly amazing story and film. Acting first class. I wonder where they all are now. " — Katie, 36, carlisle
  • " Truly amazing story and film. Acting first class. I wonder where they all are now. " — Katie, 36, carlisle
  • " Amazing film! Cried the whole way through! Brilliant acting aswell. " — katie, 23, Leicester
  • " Brilliant film, tissues needed though !" — lesley pooley, 54, kent
  • " Absolutely excellent film, even if it does use a few well ridden cliches. Excellent acting" — jason, 42, Stowmarket
  • " Excellent well made film Heart wrenching Enjoyed it thoroughly " — shuey, 48, rossendale
  • " great must see film, you'll need to take some tissues though!" — Amie, 16, Sunderland
  • " Incredibly moving film. Had a few tears. Acting amazing especially the boys. It brought home what a truly horrific time people went through!! " — debise, 46
  • " Boring boring dull , more a moral sermon on humanity than a movie. If you want entertainment DONT see this film" — Paul, 37, Notts
  • " It was beautifully done. Amazing film leaving you feeling grateful for your family, friends, and life. " — Danielle, 21, Birmingham
  • " Excellent film, Tom Holland is brilliant, bring on the Oscar nomination" — Richard, 50, Leicester
  • " I have no heart but this made me shed a tear (only one mind!) A great film and very well acted " — Ruthy, 30, Lincs
  • " will recommend to anyone. brilliant" — stewart, worcester
  • " this film completely traumatised me. I felt all the anxiety and blarted my eyes out. fantastic film and the cast was superb" — yvonne, 50, tipton
  • " having watched this film, i must admit it touched my heart, it was an excellent film it was an emotional. " — Lena, 44, London
  • " brilliant loved it" — Callum
  • " Absolutely amazing film. So many points during the film grab at your heart strings. All actors have given their all, and to topit off it has been perfectly produced. 5* fromme." — andy, 25, nottingham
  • " Wow! This looks excellent!!" — miranda, 18, london
  • " Soooo excited " — catrina, 25, belfast
  • " Stunning film, that really made you believe that the on screen family were going through hell!! Could have heard a pin drop throughout the film." — John, 63, Rotherham
  • " Heart wrenching from start to finish, acting is excellent. Unmissable, make sure u take a hanky!!" — tracey, 39, York
  • " An emotional roller coaster with some exceptional performances, brings to life a truly amazing story." — Andrew, 28, St Albans
  • " stunning, amazing triumph of human spirit." — Eileen, 49, bfd
  • " Absolutely incredible, heart wrenching yet amazing! Must see." — charlotte
  • " a deeply moving film (take tissues) acting unbelievable esp. children. and made so real by film makers, deserves an Oscar, or two?" — Jennie, 64, Chelmsford
  • " Very sad but gripping good story" — Angie, 42, Preston
  • " So can't wait to watch this film looks so good! " — jo, 32, slough
  • " What a touching story! " — patrick, 31
  • " Best film I have ever had everyone in tears...must see" — katie, 16
  • " Cant wait to see it" — Jason, 14, Manchester

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The Guardian

"Despair, pain, panic and hope fight for supremacy in this outstandingly made and heartwrenching film."

The Hollywood Reporter

"As intensely concentrated as its title, The Impossible is one of the most emotionally realistic disaster movies in recent memory."

Rolling Stone

"The film is a remarkable visual achievement, made more affecting by the depth the actors bring to their characters."

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