The Last Stand

15 Certificate

1hr 47mins

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Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johnny Knoxville, Eduardo Noriega, Forest Whitaker, Luis Guzman, Titos Menchaca

Directed by: Kim Jee-woon

The plot: Ray Owens is the sheriff of the sleepy town of Sommerton Junction, which sits on the border between the US and Mexico. Notorious drugs kingpin Gabriel Cortez escapes from a prison convoy and takes FBI agent Ellen Richards hostage. The criminal mastermind jumps into a modified Corvette ZR1 with Ellen and races to the border, where he will be exempt from US justice. Sommerton Junction just happens to be the last community that stands between Cortez and freedom.

Orange movie-goers' reactions

  • " Dont Think So. . . " — afi, 30, pakistan
  • " Great escapism! Loved it" — bob, 52, essex
  • " Just an average movie nothing special. Bit of comedy in parts worth a watch, Just dont have high expectations" — mark, 24, Birmingham
  • " dont bother.. arnie shows his age.. n if ur into car.. this cars good but get good actor to pretend how fast it goes.. many slip up but manage to stay awake so mustnt of been that bad " — tony, 22, newcastle
  • " Simple story, bad acting, awful dialogue. What's there not to like?" — Oz

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what the others say


"Get through the plot and you'll be rewarded with 30 minutes of whirligig mayhem."

Time Out

"The result is diverting enough for a low-expectations Friday night, but the ingredients were in place for something more."


"The Last Stand is well aware of its flaws, but perfectly content to paper over the cracks with fun and firepower."

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