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Starring: Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Chris Cooper, Rashida Jones, Alan Arkin, Zach Galifianakis

Directed by: James Bobin

The plot: In Smalltown, population 102, a muppet called Walter lives with his human brother Gary, who is about to celebrate 10 years with his girlfriend Mary. The trio visits Los Angeles where Walter discovers that scheming oil man Tex Richman plans to bulldoze the Muppet Theater and drill for the black gold that lies beneath. The only way to thwart Richman is to rally the troops. So Walter galvanises Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo and the gang into action.

Orange movie-goers' reactions

  • " watched with son who's 5 and niece who's 8 they absolutely LOVED it!!! :-D kept them very quiet at times they loved the singing :-D " — Kerry, 24, England
  • " Absolute classic ... Bring back the muppets !!!" — jules, 32, Basildon
  • " It was really funny but the structure wasn't exciting and didn't grab people attention " — honor, 12, fulham
  • " best movie ever i love it i would recomend it" — josh, 13
  • " Best movie ever if you go to the cinema watch this not alvin and the chipmunks" — thomas, 10, Ross on wye
  • " Boring, didn't hold my attention, funny at certain parts but walked out half way." — Jacinta, 20, Glasgow
  • " I loved loved loved it!!! Funny and fabulous. " — Dawn, 37
  • " very good and very funny and is fun for all age " — abigail, 17, darlington
  • " took my 7 yr old daughter. she loved it to bits! found it hilarous. Great come back!" — Sabrina, Redditch
  • " Bit of a slow start and I thought I'd hate it but second half was back to The Muppets that we know and love! " — Gail, 34, Portsmouth
  • " Brilliant movie!!!! Loved it from start to finish, the songs are catchy and the comedy is for everyone. Saw it with my friends and we were probably the youngest there, truly a worth wild film. Hands down the best family film I've seen in ages! Go see it!!" — Andrew, 22
  • " Was totally awesome, highly recommend :)" — Kate, 18
  • " Really disappointed, poor story, poor jokes, cheesey songs, expected more" — paul , 30, ayr
  • " AMAZING I glad I went to go see it " — erin, 10, england
  • " It's so cool" — emma, 18
  • " Absolutely brilliant! A must see and so funny, made me laugh so much! I LOVE THE MUPPETS!! :)" — Alice
  • " Didn't want to go to watch...Glad I did! Laughed my socks off! I want Fart Shoes." — Karl Tickle, 50, Mablethorpe
  • " I LOVE THE MUPPETSSSSSSS XXXXXX" — bella, 13, sandbach
  • " cant wait too see this :) :D" — michaela, 12, birmingham
  • " An awesomly positive movie, The Muppets are back! It's like they never left!" — Steve , 31, Colchester
  • " Not great only a 2 star film waste of money " — Matt , 12, Fareham
  • " i love the muppets ive loved it ever since i was little" — ashley, 12, london
  • " I'm sad to say I was disappointed. I nice film but not the super treat I was hoping for. " — L, 44, Taunton
  • " Amazing movie " — luke, 11, england
  • " i am so excited to see this film with all the family. Also it is because we love kermit and miss piggy so much <3" — chloe, 18, sheffield
  • " can't wait love the mupets it may seem childish but to me it's my fav lol :D" — codylegge, 12, basingstoke
  • " Absolute rubbish from opening credits to end credits" — uche adeze mwingw, 17, london
  • " One of the greatest films ever! Thoroughly enjoyed it, every minute! " — Peter , 19, Wellington
  • " The muppetts will never be gone from our screens they have and always will be forever enternaining our kids az they did us Fozzy Bear iz my hero" — Mark leigh, 56, Birmingham
  • " This looks really good, Can't wait. Love it :)" — Emmalouise, Sutton-In-Ashfield
  • " I love the muppets, Can't wait to watch this!" — Emmalouise, 170, Sutton-In-Ashfield
  • " The muppets are awesome i cant believe this is actually happening" — Lee, 13, Tamworth
  • " They r the best. I have always loved them even though my family hate the films." — Sophie, 14
  • " i love the muppets" — jadie , 8, watford
  • " the muppets are LEGENERY! who said fake puppets aint kwl carnt wait to embarras myself by watching it in cinima XD xOxO" — Lil Hannan, 12, Leicester
  • " Its about time i love the muppets esp animal x" — Joanne, 39, Stafford

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"It's never cloying or too knowing. Cynicism and wariness are real world concerns that have no place among the foam and felt."

Little White Lies

"Kermit, we're sorry we forgot about you - never leave again."


"Made absolutely for grown-up fans, this is the Muppets as you fondly remember them: funny, smart and gleefully insane."

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