The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

12A Certificate

1hr 55mins

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Trailer
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Starring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Dakota Fanning, Ashley Greene, Michael Sheen, Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli, Maggie Grace

Directed by: Bill Condon

The plot: Bella acclimatises quickly to her new life as a vampire and she raises her daughter Renesmee with Edward and the rest of the Cullen clan. However, trouble looms large when vengeful vampire Irina incorrectly identifies the girl as an immortal child. The diabolical Volturi resolve to wipe out Renesmee so the Cullens must come together with other vampire clans and best friend Jacob and his Quileute wolf pack to fend off the ancient bloodsuckers.


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Orange movie-goers' reactions

  • " really really good" — great
  • " epic film cant wait to see it again best film everbest film ever" — vicki, 39, nottingham
  • " Went to see it with my mates and i can only say one word to say about the film is .... EPIC!!!!! still can't belive it was the last twlight film!!!!!" — Megan, 13, Tiverton
  • " What a way to end the saga went with my nan we both couldnt take our eyes of the screen 10/10" — Jason, 13, Hoddesdon
  • " FAB film Loved it " — leanne, 24, stockport
  • " I have seen twilight breaking dawn once and tomorrow I am taking my mum to see it and I rate this film a lot of stars because its epic and I love them " — jessicaroberts, 20, Southend
  • " AMAZING !! GREAT ENDING :-) Sad its the final one though! " — melissa, 22, manchester
  • " Best film ever team jacob" — catherine c, 26, newcastle
  • " ive seen it and its good " — louissmith, 18, dewsbury
  • " Amazing!!!!!! I loved it.... Really don't want it to end there!!!!" — clair, 27, falmouth
  • " Omg twilight breaking dawn part 2 is amazing! The best one,I didn't want it to end! Fantastic!" — Livvy , 24, Near Sheffield
  • " Amazing,Amazing,Amazing.I,m obsessed with Twilight,complete Twilight freak.I luv it,luv it,luv it.I want stephine meyer to keep on making them.This can,t be the last 1.!!!" — bonnie, 30
  • " the twilight saga breaking dawn was the best film i have seen " — tracey stoker, 43, durham
  • " I really enjoyed it read all the books after seeing this and I want to watch all the films again " — Liz Bogunovic, 44, Aberdare
  • " what an amazing finale to an awesome saga! by far the best one and a few shocks too!" — lucy, 28, stoke on trent
  • " Came out with my tail between my legs as I thought it was over hyped - but was amazing in its own right. Dark Knight Rises was utter garbage compared to this" — ric, 28
  • " I cant wait to see this film it looks epic" — Jason , 14, Manchester
  • " an amazing finale to an epic 5 movies really good action packed scenes sad to see the love story of Edward and Bella come to an end" — saina, 24
  • " it was truly amazing the best one so far. gutted the twilight saga has ended but by golly what a way to end with a bang. cant wait for the dvd so I can watch it whenever. ive seen it 2 times and I could easily see it double that. truly amazing " — sophie, 21, Andover
  • " absolutely brilliant !! loved it, definitely worth seeing again and again Xx" — KerrI - Ann, 22, Newcastle
  • " Fantastic film but sad that this is the last one.." — davina, 40, derby
  • " Really enjoyed it well worth going cinema to watch it." — sandra, 25
  • " best film ever and I am being serious!!!!!!" — Olivia , 14, lancashire
  • " I have seen it 3 times and cant wait to see it again i went to the premier aswell and was near the front it was so amazing i love twilight!!!" — Kayleigh millar, 15, Edinburgh
  • " Really need to watch this film can not wait i am sad that it is going to end love robert pattinson and kristen stewart they play edward and bella really well watched all the films they are amazing " — Janet smith , 18, Walsall
  • " absolutly a brilliant film i loved it a must c i wanna c it again so good" — kirst, 23, leicester
  • " this film was sooo amazing i could watch it over and over again . it was the best one out of all of them . its a shame there is no more Xxx" — hannah , 15, london
  • " love the books but breaking dawn part 2 was the best out of them all love it to bits and i love ever minture of it of the film it has be a great five years." — emily, 18, chesterfield
  • " love the books but breaking dawn part 2 was the best out of them all love it to bits and i cried at the end of it. it has be a great five years." — emily, 18, chesterfield
  • " Absolutely amazing film! Loved every second of it except the death of the gorgeous Carlisle (cried all night) until the twist at the end " — Claire, 19, Glenrothes
  • " best twilight yet, it's the end of an era what a brilliant era it was!! amazing twist it really got me, i cried when i saw the charcters i have know for 5 years die right before my eyes... to them being alive again :') abouslutey deserves a 10 out of 10 s" — kristen, 18, rugby
  • " Absolutely awesome ! I loved it" — katie, 35, carlisle
  • " This was amazing, I've read all the books and seen all the films yet this was anything but predictable and was totally brilliant!! (The CGI face was a little odd) but it was a tiny part in an otherwise fabulous piece of cinematography x" — Rach, 28
  • " absolutely amazing film. the ending will have you on the edge of your seat. Beautifully filmed and a film you will want to watch again straight after." — kerry, 35, worcestershire, UK
  • " brilliant, seen it twice so far and many more to come. really didn't expect it to be as good as it was, will be loved by all twilight fans " — amy, 28
  • " this is a must see brill film.with a brill twist :-) 10 out 10" — yamashirlz, york
  • " Best film ever. Beats Shawshank, Godfather pt2 and citizen Kane. Instant classic from the dialogue to the screenplay to the cinematography! I feel moved..." — steven, 35, northants
  • " Absolutely amazing! Has finished on a high, definitely didn't disappoint. What an epic ending with the re- written section putting an edge on the film making it unexpected even for those who have read the books. Truly a sensational movie." — Dawn, 26, south wales
  • " cant wait to watch it been waiting months to watch twilight breaking dawn part 2. I think its gunna be the best one :)" — melissa, 16, ebbw vale
  • " OH...MY.....GOD what a high to end on. It shocked me made me cry... truly epic. Congrats to all cast and producers that gave us all such a fantastic ending to one of the best stories in history. Loved it and wants to watch it again and again" — zoe c, 29, mansfield
  • " Can't wait to go watch part 2 with my best mate, so excited :) :)" — lauren, 24, farnborough
  • " Absolutely amazing, loved the last twilight film am going to see it again it was that good ,team edward all the way " — Clare, 33, Northampton
  • " This film was absolutely brilliant!! I can't wait to watch it again. Bella was really funny as a vampire. love love loved it!!!" — Stace, 22, Warrington
  • " I love robert pattinson, and i love every second of twilight. And i dont want it to end." — Twilightfan TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!, 12
  • " Brilliant " — nell, burton on Trent
  • " Exciting fight. Way too much not needed cgi and overall apart from the not stellar fight a pretty boring affair overall. " — Paul O, 25, Glasgow
  • " totally awesome" — kat, 29, chesterfield
  • " seen it and it was brilliant, sad to see this end but then again it has a awesome ending. " — jumeela, 19, london
  • " Watched the Twiathlon last night!!What a endin!! Absolutely AMAZIN!! Wish that wasnt the end of the SAGA!!! Truellu brilliant :-) " — donna, 30, birmingham
  • " cant wait to see twilight it is awsome so excitedbut seeing it wednesday with orange wednesday seen them all just this last one and my collection is complete :)" — sadis, 14, lancing
  • " Amazing. Shame its the last one. " — ruth , 40, ashby de la zouch
  • " Wow! Amazing!" — Tammy, 26, Hamilton
  • " just found out breaking dawn part 2 isant the last film,their making another only for jacob and renesmee know more go on perez hilton x" — megantwilight, 13, plymouth
  • " I love twilight . Its the best movies ever . Cant wait for friday !!! " — Chloe, 11, Middlesbrough
  • " omg i caint wait although im a bit diaspointed about the full collection being shown in the middle of a school day " — shannon, 14, northampton
  • " 10 Days to go." — Jayne, 22, Taunton
  • " only 12 days to go cant wait" — emily, 18, holmewood
  • " Omg watched all the other four films can not wait till part two not long left for it to come out sad that it is last one gonna miss watching kristen and robert together" — Janet , 18, Walsall
  • " 15 day's to go, can't wait. Team Edward" — Jayne, 22, Taunton
  • " OMG I'm a massive fan of Twilight and I can't belive that part 2 of breaking dawn is coming" — Ar4lyf, 15, bradford
  • " 20 days to go cant wait x x x :)" — megan jagger, 13, plymouth
  • " only 32 days to go cant wait" — kat, 29, chesterfield
  • " Can't wait to the last film comes out only 6 weeks and two days to go. I love edward anthony masen cullen. I love r-patz" — Jayne, 22, Taunton
  • " love, twilight cant wait for part two with renesmee, zafrinag, senna, garret, vladimir, stefan, tia, benjamin and many more new comers, im a total twiheart and hyperventalate at anything about twilight ,sad its ending but exsighted to see it in november" — megantwilight, 13, plymouth
  • " I would like to thank Stehanie Meyer and all who have contributed to bringing these wonderful and engaging novels to the big screen. I am really gonna miss these films, it has been so great to watch Bella and Edward's love story come to life" — Peyton, 25, Caerphilly
  • " cant wait it gonna be epic!s hame this is the last one" — saika , 16, walsall
  • " Can't wait to see the last part to the film, it going to be sad when their will be no more twilight. Love edward cullum" — Jayne, 22, Taunton
  • " Luv twilight will luv this" — Cat, 15, Chester
  • " I cant wat to see what It is gowing to end like to see if thay live happy x lol " — stacey, 16, ely
  • " omg this film is gonna rock. have saved the best till last go team cullen" — sarah, 26, chesterfield
  • " Can not wait for part 2 left me wondering what is goin to happen next goin to be sad when it is finshed don't know waht i am goin to do absolutely love all the films there is nothin like it :-) " — Love edward anthony mason cullen , 18, Walsall
  • " can't wait, don't want it to end." — Jayne, 22, Taunton
  • " omg cant wait for breaking dawn part 2 it will be so great . go team edward." — emily, 18
  • " can not wait !!! dont want it 2 end tho :-(!!!" — beth n em, 14, alsager
  • " Omg, can't wait to watch the film, i the twilight films, big fan. TEAM EDWARD" — Jayne, 22, Taunton
  • " go team edward!!!!xx" — katz x, 15
  • " Can't wait" — tammy, 21, chester
  • " Omg, can't wait to c the film, i love all the twilight films." — Love twilight, 22, Taunton
  • " Omg i cant wait i love twilight soo much it is my best film i was crying in breaking dawn part 1 i love you robert pattinson go team edward i wud give anything to be Kristen!!!!" — kat, 14, newcastle
  • " I cannot freakin wait for this" — Peyton, 255, Caerphilly
  • " omg cant wait " — kat, 28, chesterfield

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"Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 2 really does stand up to be the epic conclusion that we were all waiting and hoping for."

The Hollywood Reporter

"The final installment of the immortal Bella/Edward romance will give its breathlessly awaiting international audience just what it wants."


"This second of two Bill Condon-directed installments clears a low bar to stand easily as the franchise's most eventful and exciting entry."

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