The Vow

12A Certificate

1hr 43mins

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Starring: Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum, Sam Neill, Scott Speedman, Jessica Lange, Brittney Irvin, Dillon Casey

Directed by: Michael Sucsy

The plot: Leo glimpses Paige in a queue and flirts with her, using his charm and good looks to secure a memorable first date. They fall in love and marry. One snowy night, the couple is involved in a car accident. Leo survives relatively unscathed but Paige suffers massive trauma to her head, resulting in the loss of all memory of Leo. The husband tries everything to earn Paige's love again but she gravitates towards her old flame Jeremy, who is the last man she can remember with affection.


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Orange movie-goers' reactions

  • " Stressful beyond belief with massive gaps in the storyline - give it a miss!" — kate, 39
  • " A rom-com with a twist.. definitely some strong emotive parts but the story did get a bit stale towards the end.. I would say 6/10 :)" — Sara, 22, London
  • " First of all how hot is Tatum, good film, good acting. ending was disappointing.but worth a watch 8/10" — hayley, 25, shrewsbury
  • " Loved the film however would have liked more from the ending " — nicola, 35, hull
  • " An amazing film, wanted to cry through alot of it, beautiful...youmight not cry but you'll definatly get tears in your eyes :') Go and watch it :D <3" — Es, 14
  • " Good film, I enjoyed the story and it's always nice when it's a true story. Hover the ending was very disappointing, a boing pliant ending to a good film and unfortunately thats all I can really remember Xxi" — T
  • " brilliant film!!worth a watch!!" — anna kendrick, 24, blackpool
  • " A nice romantic film" — sylve, 52, chichester
  • " really good story..:-) had a lil well spent" — dannielle, 20, newcastle
  • " Channing Tatum...Legend!!!! Great film!!!" — Sam, 27, Chichester
  • " Great film if you like a bit of romance and the occasional chick flick... I would watch it again. " — Nicky
  • " A truely good movie, but would have liked a better endingHighly recconmended" — carla, 33, tottenham
  • " becous i am a romantic i blive in happy endings " — donna carroll, 51, sheffield
  • " This film is very good" — Jordan, 23, Worctershir

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"The few weaknesses in the plot can be overlooked as The Vow makes for a wonderful - if a bit teary - romance that is brilliantly acted."

Time Out

"Both stars make decent use of the script's gently humorous potential. As a superficial look at a weird situation, it's reasonably diverting."

Little White Lies

"Duff beyond words, with some appealing performances wasted."

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