This Means War

12A Certificate

1hr 37mins

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Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, Tom Hardy, Til Schweiger, Laura Vandervoort, Abigail Spencer, Chelsea Handler, Angela Bassett

Directed by: McG

The plot: CIA agents Foster and Tuck are the best in the business, working closely together to bring down corrupt governments and thwart the nefarious activities of the criminal fraternity. That bond of trust is shaken to its core when they both fall under the spell of the seductive Lauren. Armed with a dazzling array of hi-tech gadgetry, Foster and Tuck use all of their guile and expertise to win Lauren's heart.


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Orange movie-goers' reactions

  • " 2 words 'Tom HARDY'. The only thing that kept the film together for me was his acting and that lovely British accent of his. I can truthfully say I wasn't expecting to laugh this much in the cinema, it was hilarious. The ending was very pleasing. " — Sheron , 18, gloucester
  • " the film iss gooood : kick as film with an amazing british actor in it Tom Hardy he plaays the character soo welll could keep my eyes off him !!! got to love chris pine s welll they were both goood friends in the movie and they waay they battled it out " — hayley, 15, london
  • " Really dumb, but good fun and nice chemistry between Hardy and Pine." — Nick, 31, Norwich
  • " film is amazing soo funny and sweet how they both try to win over her love .she didn't deserve any if them loool as they were awesome friends .and the action is kick ass I love Chris pine and tom hardy they are both soo fittt Tom hardy is doing it for us" — hayley, 14, ukingdom
  • " A good film, will definetly be buying it when it comes out." — Emel, 18, Newcastle
  • " this film is really borning and i think that it is for boys" — eliz, 811, london

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Total Film

"Watching really attractive, really charismatic people be really funny seldom gets old, and they?re served reasonably well by a tight, disciplined script that capitalises on their game charms."

Time Out

"Yet another case of Hollywood execs trying way too hard to give the audience what they think it wants."


"Smart, funny and really quite hot, this is worth a look no matter what you think of Charlie's Angels."

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