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Lenny Ibrox, Marrakech – 5 September 2014

Good morning gaff! Can you tell me how many Moroccans have scored in the Premier League? It would settle an argument that has continued from last night?

The Gaffer says:

Your answer is 11. Hope that wins you the argument! The list is - Oussama Assaidi, (four for Stoke), Marouanne Chamakh (14 for Arsenal and Crystal Palace), Youssef Chippo (two for Coventry), Karim El Ahmadi (three for Aston Villa), Talal El Karkouri (eight for Charlton), Tahar El Khalej (three for Southampton), Mustapha Hadji (14 for Coventry and Aston Villa), Hassan Kachloul (17 for Southampton and Aston Villa), Noureddine Naybett (one for Tottenham), Youssef Safri (one for Norwich) and Adel Taarabt (seven for QPR).

Lenny Whiteriver, Blackburn – 5 September 2014

Has Ryan Giggs ever missed a penalty in the Premiership? My Man Utd supporting home economics teacher says no chance.

The Gaffer says:

Your home economics teacher is right, but only because Ryan Giggs hardly ever took penalties for Manchester United. He only stepped up for spot-kick duties twice in the Premier League, and they were both in the same game, converting twice against Tottenham in a 3-1 home win in April 2010 (usual taker Wayne Rooney was injured that day). Giggs scored another penalty in a 4-1 victory over Fulham in the FA Cup fourth round in January 2013, and notched United's consolation from the spot in their 5-4 Capital One Cup defeat at Chelsea in October 2012. Giggs did miss two penalties in cup competitions though - the first was saved by Tim Flowers in an FA Cup shootout against Southampton at Old Trafford in February 1992 (which United lost), and the other was in the Community Shield in 2009 in another shootout against Chelsea (United lost that one too).

Ian, Ashington – 4 September 2014

Wayne Rooney is now 4th top scorer for England... how many penalties did each of the top four score in reaching their total of goals for England?

The Gaffer says:

England's all-time record holder Bobby Charlton scored three penalties amongst his 49 goals for England. Gary Lineker netted four pens in his 48, but of Jimmy Greaves' 44 England goals, none were from the spot. Wayne Rooney's penalty against Norway on Wednesday was only his second for his country out of his 41 international goals. Incidentally, the record for most England penalties is held by Frank Lampard with nine, followed by Alan Shearer and Ron Flowers with six each.


Greetings gaffer- love the site. My boss at work claims that Arsenal have never lost an away Premiership game to a promoted team. Is he right?

The Gaffer says:

What?! Your boss is talking bol... er, total rubbish! Arsenal have lost TWELVE away games to promoted sides since 1992/93 (as well as seven at home). Here's the evidence: 0-1 at Blackburn 92/93, 0-1 v Middlesbrough 92/93, 0-2 v Newcastle 93/94, 1-2 v Leicester 94/95, 0-1 v Bolton 95/96, 0-1 v Sunderland 96/97, 1-2 v Bradford 99/00, 0-1 v Charlton 00/01, 0-1 v Sheffield United 06/07, 1-2 v Stoke 08/09, 1-2 v QPR 11/12 and 2-3 v Swansea 11/12.

Pat Nah, Tokyo – 4 September 2014

When was biggest gap in FIFA rankings between South Korea and Japan?

The Gaffer says:

Japan and South Korea's Fifa rankings graph comparison reveals that both nations' fortunes have gone up and down on an uncannily similar trajectory. Their peaks and dips more or less track each other, but back in February 1996 the gap between them was as big as it has ever been before or since. Japan were ranked 30th at that point, with South Korea languishing 62nd in the world. Just over two years later, both nations reached the highest rankings in their history - Japan were ranked ninth in February 1998 and ten months later South Korea reached an all-time high of 17th.

Ali Stirling, Prestwick – 4 September 2014

With Rolando Aarons scoring a goal at the weekend, making him top alphabetically of Premier League scorers, can you tell me gaff, who is bottom of this list? My mate Iain says it must be Zola but I'm sure you can prove him wrong?

The Gaffer says:

I certainly can, Ali! Firstly, you're right that Rolando Aarons' recent goal for Newcastle against Crystal Palace does indeed make him the top all-time Premier League goalscorer if you arrange them all in alphabetical order (taking over from previous incumbent Gary Ablett). Your mate is wrong about Gianfranco Zola being last alphabetically though. It's former Coventry forward Ysrael Zuniga, who scored three goals in his two seasons at Highfield Road between 1999 and 2001. Elsad Zverotic is the last on the list of all-time Premier League appearances, but he didn't score a goal in his six games for Fulham last season (2013/14).

Jonathan, Cornwall – 6 August 2014

Gaffer, here's a very interesting one for you - which of the 92 English League clubs broke their transfer record the longest time ago?

The Gaffer says:

Buckley PA

Love the question, Jonathan! After scanning through the record books of all 92 clubs, the longest-standing transfer record belongs to Walsall who paid Birmingham City 175,000 to re-sign Alan Buckley as player-manager in June 1979. It was Buckley's second spell as a player at the club and the transfer sum remains a Saddlers record. He's also their all-time leading scorer with over 200 goals.

Steve, Wiral – 30 July 2014

Hello Gaffa. Here`s one for you. Which was the last club to win the FA Cup, knocking out a previous winner of the trophy in every round?

The Gaffer says:

Good one! It was actually Arsenal in 1978/79. They beat Sheffield Wednesday (winners in 1896) in round three, Notts County (1894) in round four, Nottingham Forest (1898) in the fifth round, Southampton (1976) in the quarter-finals, Wolves (1893) in the semis and Manchester United (1909) in the final. Arsenal almost repeated the feat last season, playing previous winners Spurs, Coventry, Liverpool, Everton and Wigan, but their win in the final was against first-time finalists Hull City.

Thomas, Derby – 30 July 2014

Hi Gaffer, who is the longest serving international manager ever, either still managing them now or in the past?

The Gaffer says:

Josef Herberger PA

The legendary Bora Milutinovic holds the world record for taking charge of most international matches as a coach. The exact figure differs slightly depending on the source, but he has at least 287 games under his belt with Mexico, Costa Rica, USA, Nigeria, China, Honduras, Jamaica and Iraq. He is Yugoslav-born, married to a Mexican, lives in Qatar and retired in 2009. If, however, you're asking me who is the longest serving international manager in one job, the answer is Josef "Sepp"Herberger (pictured). He was coach of Germany/West Germany from 1936-1964, spanning 167 games, four World Cups and even an eight-year break during and after World War II!

Paul Debman, Ipswich – 29 July 2014

How many players have played for more than one country at the World Cup finals?

The Gaffer says:

Prosinecki PA

Seven. Luis Monti and Attilio Demaria (both Argentina 1930 and Italy 1934), Ferenc Puskas (Hungary 1954 and Spain 1962), Jose Santamaria (Uruguay 1954 and Spain 1962), Mazzola (Brazil 1958, Italy 1962 when known as Jose Altafini), Robert Prosinecki and Robert Jarni (both for Yugoslavia in 1990 and for Croatia in 1998 and 2002). Monti is the only player to appear in two finals for different nations, while Prosinecki (pictured) is the only one to score for two separate teams.

Wally Thomson, Norwich – 9 June 2014

Who is the youngest player ever to play at a World Cup?

The Gaffer says:

An old one but as it's that time of the year... Norman Whiteside, aged 17 years and 41 days, for Northern Ireland against Yugoslavia in 1982. Pele is the youngest to play in the final. He was 17 years and 249 days old when he scored twice in Brazil 5-2 victory against Sweden in 1958.

Frederick Gillespie, Nottingham – 15 May 2014

Gaffer, my wife informs me that this season has seen a record number of managers leaving their posts in the Premiership? when was the previous record set and what was it?

The Gaffer says:

I wish my wife casually dished out football trivia over the dinner table! She's spot on. There were 10 managerial departures during the 2013/14 Premier League season, and 12 if you count Tim Sherwood and Pepe Mel, who technically left after the season had ended. The previous record was in 2008/09, when there were nine, but again 12 if you count the proceeding summer. They were, in chronological order, Alan Curbishley (resigned at West Ham), Kevin Keegan (quit Newcastle), Juande Ramos (sacked by Spurs), Harry Redknapp (left Portsmouth for Spurs), Roy Keane (resigned from Sunderland), Paul Ince (sacked by Blackburn), Tony Adams (sacked by Portsmouth), Luiz Felipe Scolari (sacked by Chelsea) and Joe Kinnear (stepped down at Newcastle). Then after the season had finished Guus Hiddink left as interim manager of Chelsea, Ricky Sbragia resigned at Sunderland and Steve Bruce left Wigan to replace him on Wearside.

Richard, St Helens – 15 May 2014

Which nine players have scored for six different Premier League clubs

The Gaffer says:

Bellamy PA

Craig Bellamy has now scored for seven different Prem clubs, making him the sole the record holder. He's netted for Coventry, Newcastle, Blackburn, Liverpool, West Ham, Man City and Cardiff. The others are: Andrew Cole (Newcastle, Man Utd, Blackburn, Fulham, Man City and Portsmouth), Les Ferdinand (QPR, Newcastle, Tottenham West Ham, Leicester, Bolton), Robbie Keane (Coventry, Leeds, Tottenham, Liverpool, West Ham and Aston Villa), Nicolas Anelka (Arsenal, Liverpool, Man City, Bolton, Chelsea and West Brom), Darren Bent (Ipswich, Charlton, Tottenham, Sunderland, Aston Villa and Fulham), Marcus Bent (Crystal Palace, Ipswich, Leicester, Everton, Charlton and Wigan), Peter Crouch (Aston Villa, Southampton, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Tottenham and Stoke) and Nick Barmby (Tottenham, Middlesbrough, Everton, Leeds, Liverpool and Hull).

David Forster, Co.Durham – 23 April 2014

Hi Gaffer, There is one team in the United Kingdom with a letter in there name that no other club has, what is the letter and who is ths team?

The Gaffer says:

I'm feeling in a good mood this afternoon so I'll indulge you this one old chestnut! It's St Johnstone; the only league team in Great Britain with a J in their name.

Rob H, Norwich – 14 April 2014

There is only 1 team in the football league without any of the letters from the word mackeral in its full name, which team isit??

The Gaffer says:

You can't claim to know anything about football trivia until you know the answer to this pub classic. It's your 'starter for ten', your passcode at the front door of Gaffer Towers. It's Swindon Town.

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